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Meet the Artist. Mavi. 


Hey there! My name is Mavi and I am a Venezuelan artist now living in Los Angeles, California. I attended the University of Houston and graduated as a Mechanical Engineer with a Minor in Mathematics. I love bringing my creativity to every aspect of my life. Art has been my source of  happiness and energy; I have always been attracted to shapes and colors. I have a very loud personality, which I believe is reflected in the art that I make.



Growing up I would do arts and crafts all on my own. I would paint my room walls and even my bed sheets! Creativity is something I cannot turn off.

What I hope to do with my art is to provide a source of energy… art is meant to create emotions - why not positive ones? I hope to continue to grow with my art and give back to the community as I grow. 



Art is analyzed and judged by everyone, there is a curiosity to always want to understand what is behind each canvas... what motivates people to be creative? For me, every piece has a unique intention and motivation. However, when I paint, my main source of inspiration is to share positivity. I hope my work gives the audience the push they need to go through their days with more energy and drive to reach their dream.

It is my mission in life to empower and advocate for the Latin community. By supporting my art you will be contributing to scholarships and other resources  to help promote their advancement.

Explore and discover the different colors in each of my canvases, enjoy the journey!


Commission Art

Commissioned pieces are such a special way to complete your home design in a unique, one of a kind way. Once commissioned, I will work with you to define the inspiration for your artwork including color palette, design, sizing, and more. I I value the opportunity to work closely with my  clients to create their perfect custom artwork.


If interested, please contact me!

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